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  • Mike Cummins. Thank you Captain.

    Mike Cummins. Thank you Captain.

    Mike Cummins is one of the good guys for sure. He's a great athlete and also someone who can hold a conversation with just about anyone.

    Mike flew into Santa Rosa on a Saturday and we started our leg off with a super fun dinner at a fancy italian restaurant with Becca, my sister Laura, and my aunt and uncle who live in Sonoma, CA. I hadn't seen Becca for a few weeks so I was super stoked to see her and have a relaxing night. After dinner, which my aunt Cynthy and uncle Norm treated us to we went back to our rental house out on the coast, Bodega Bay to be exact. It was and amazing place sitting right on the bay with water coming up under the deck during high tide. I had a super fun night just relaxing.

    Mike, Jeff and I got back on the bikes the next day. We pedaled from Bodega Bay to Inverness and it was Mikes first full day on the tandem. We were super wobbly and spent lots of time riding off the road into the culvert that first day. Mike is not a cyclist, and this was a concern of his when I first asked him to go on the trip. However, Mike's always down for adventure, and I was very stoked he took the time to practice on his bike at home. Mike's a rad surfer and the moments we had in the water together more than made up for the awkward movements we made cycling on the tandem. 

    When I think back on Mikes leg of the journey, I remember fondly a remote back road we took from Pescadaro, CA to Waddell Creek. It's a 20 mile or so section that runs parallel with the CA-1 but it is inland a little. It was a super pleasurable ride where we didn't see a single car, and it smelled like sage while winding through Oak, Walnut and Eucalyptus trees. It reminded me of my childhood and the road finally let out through this winding creek bed that spit us back onto the CA-1 near a surf spot called Waddell Creek. It was awesome and that night we camped for free under the best stars of the trip. We shared a tent, Mike listening to Japanese Lessons on his iPhone and me listening to my book Boys in the Boat on my iPod. No cell reception, no power, no lights and no worries.

    Everyday was fun with Mike around. Together we enjoyed some of the more iconic sights of the trip, like cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge. Also, both Jeff and Mike really enjoyed meeting the famous bicyle engineer and frame builder Steve Potts. I really enjoyed the bike path from Inverness to San Ramon, cycling over the hills. 

    Much thanks to Mike for his commitment to the journey, for his fun energy in the face of some long hot days cycling, and for his willingness to always share in the cost of travel. I had a great time!