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  • Scott Gravatt. Thank you Captain.

    Scott Gravatt. Thank you Captain.

    Scott Gravatt and I were roomates our first year in college. (Yes I went to college.) We both wrote 'skateboarding' as a hobby in the special interest box, and shared a super small dorm room together. Scott never got up for class on time, stayed up really late, and dyed his hair yellow. (Or maybe that was me.) Scott can ollie four feet in the air from a stand still and still do a tail grab. We have had tons of fun over the years, and I now enjoy telling his tow high school kids all about our college antics.

    Scott works at Nike Corporate in Beaverton, Oregon. He was instrumental in the conception and early stages of this adventure as well as hooking up the expedition with Nike gear.

    When I think back to our time on the bicyle, I think about rain. It rained from the moment Scott showed up in Westport. Scott showed up in Westport, and that's where we began our journey together. That is also where Scott put on bicycle shoes for the first time ever, and I learned he left his two high shoolers home alone for the week in Portland. (We'll get to that later.)

    We rode in some wet weather across the Longview/Astoria Bridge into Oregon, and slept on a concrete pad in some shady park. We surfed some fun waves in Seaside, and Scotts positive and energetic energy made it easy to talk to people when they asked us all sorts of silly questions about our bike/trailer/surfboard set up.

    Unfortunately Scott had to peel off early due to a family emergency, and I was bummed to see him go. So, it made it that much sweeter when he called a month and a half later and tod us he was staying at a fancy suite at the top of the Huntington Beach Hilton. It was almost the end of our trip, and the timing was perfect on many different levels. My brother Blake was the captain of the last leg, and we would be cycling by the Huntington Hilton the last night Scott had the pad. It was great to get him back on the trip especially after the abrupt departure. We stayed the night at the Hilton, had a great dinner at one of Scott's Newport haunts, caught some super fun waves off Lifeguard Tower #9, and rested our muscles in the hot tub. (Paris Hilton you're the best!) Also, Scott topped it all off by loaning me his surfboard to finish our journey with. Since we just ruined mine while cycling through Compton we hit a fire hydrant.