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  • Temple Cummins. Thank you Captain.

    Temple Cummins. Thank you Captain.

    Temple and I have taken a lot of trips together and had some real adventures, and I knew by putting him as captain of the first leg would ensure that we would start the Bikes, Boards, Blind adventure off strong. He was ready to panic out of Bainbridge Island a day earlier than planned so that we could get waves the next day. We started the first day off with 79 miles, and it set the tone for the rest of the leg. Of the nine days we spent together we never had any rain. We cycled into camp three times in the dark, and surfed 5 different surf spots. We cycled two days with our kids, ate lunch with them at the farmers market and swam with them in a lake. 

    One thing I really remember about Temple's portion of the trip was just how heavy our trailer was! I'm not sure if it was just the early stage of the adventure and we hadn't trimmed the weight down yet, or if it was that Temple's puffy jacket that went to his knees weighed 15 pounds. Or maybe it was the stainless steel clam shovel we picked up a a garage sale in Ocean Shores, that looked like a tractor muffler, and weighed 15 pounds. Whatever it was, the trailer weighed the most on Temple's leg. 

    Temple's leg was also the only one where we took two dirt roads, pedaled 8 hours and only went 15 miles. Also the only time we lost two wetsuits, valued at $500 each and had them generously returned to us by a logging truck driver. 

    His was also the leg in which we pushed the tandem bike to it's fastest speed. It was the last day of Temple's leg. We had just left Ocean Shores on our way to Westport and reached a long, correctly-cambered downhill (there weren't many more of those). We were pedaling as fast as we could in the hardest gear. No cars could pass us. On Captain Ron Hendrickson's leg (leg 6) his Strava GPS app said we hit 42mph. This felt faster--I knew we were fast when I felt the drool sliding down the side of my cheek and flying off my ear lobe.

    At the end of Temple's leg, we did our first slideshow as well. Westport High was stoked to have us and they were the only school to offer to pay us for our time. They gave us $150 for putting on the slideshow and sharing the bike trip adventure with the students. They made me feel proud to be from Washington. 

    Temple and I traveled 300 miles from Bainbridge Island to Westport and had a fun time doing it. We paid for some campsites, poached some campsites and had perfect weather the whole time. Temp has legs of steel, he never complains, he can sleep anywhere, can poop in the woods, and never messes with his phone. (Never, ever posts anything!…Awesome.)

    Much thanks Temp for starting the trip off strong.