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  • Fiesta at Bird's

    Fiesta at Bird's

    Devon's two cents:

    We had our Mexico border fiesta Tuesday night at Bird's Surf Shed in San Diego. We reached the border Monday afternoon at about 4:00 and threw our B3 sticker on the San Ysidro turn-style sign. I haven't even begun to process all my thoughts and I hope to do that over the next week, going through my thank yous and dedicating a blog post to each captain and all the other people that made this trip possible.

    Right now I will just tell you about our awesome party we threw at Bird's Surf Shed to commemorate ourselves....ha ha ha! Really it was a way to complete our slide show, thank a lot of people who took time to either put us up along the way or help us out logistically behind the scenes in one form or another. I was super stoked with the turnout and it was great to see some old friends who live down here and to meet some people who I didn't know at beer always helps. I was particularly stoked that some cyclists showed up whom we had met along the way.

    We served tacos and free beer and Jeff and I put on our slideshow, trading turns talking about photos that matter to us and sharing stories from the road. I think we have a good give and take and balance in personalities and the primary indicator to me that people enjoyed it was that all 20 kids under the age of 10 were glued to the slideshow the entire time and never made a peep. So they had a good time, the adults had free beer so they had a good time, Captain Tom & Verna Herron flew in from Seattle so they had a good time, I enjoyed all 70 days so I had a good time and the taco truck guys got free beer and made $300 bucks so they had a good time. Becca said I could plan another trip so she had a good time. All in all I think everybody had a good time. Jeff hasn't gone home yet so I think he had a good time.

    Jeff's two cents:

    I've had a good time indeed. Like Devon said, the magnitude of this adventure really has not sunk in yet personally. But seeing the reaction to the slide show and how the trip as a whole touched people I'm getting the feeling that we completed something really special. The party was a blast, and sharing photos with an audience and recounting the special moments put things in context. With the cycling now over my body is telling me how exhausted it is after two months on the road pedaling. So the idea of home is starting to sound pretty appealing. The end of the trip was great, finishing the ride at the border with Blake and Devon was the right way to call it. I'm not sad that it's over, as this is now the start of sharing the complete adventure. Endless thanks and gratitude to everyone who helped us along the way. And stay tuned for more content to come from the B3 Washington to Mexico tour!