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  • 24 hours in Huntington Beach / Newport

    24 hours in Huntington Beach / Newport

    Guest Blogger:  Scott Gravatt (yes the same one as leg 2)

    Scott Gravatt back here.  One dog less, but still having “smooth longboard style, and crackin’ ollies”

    Having left Devon (somewhat high and dry) in Seaside, Oregon to tend to a family emergency I was eager to weasel my way back into the excitement, so it was pretty awesome to be in Southern California for work and find Devon on the PCH in Huntington Beach! 


    I was staying in HB and watching from floor 11 when I saw the bike and trailer about ¾ a mile down the road.  Blake Raney as the captain (complete with the captain’s knife) and Jeff Hawe not far behind.  They pulled up to the valet stand in my fancy-pants Hilton and started screaming “Let’s have Fun” which (in Devon language) directly translates to “Hot Tub”.  Cold drinks in hand we hung out in the hot tub and watched the sunset over Catalina Island in our robes. 


    Unpacking the bikes made it painfully obvious that Devon’s surfboard was ruined.  Somewhere along the way they hit a fire hydrant and the “Wierdo Ripper” took the brunt of the damage.  Not trying to blame anyone [cough cough blake cough] but with waves firing out front for days we were in a bit of a pickle.  We had no time to figure that out – dinner was calling right down the street in Newport Beach.  Have you been to Mama D’s?  If not, you’re blowing it.  One of the last locally owned places in Newport, Mama D’s will make you feel like you are in someone’s home.  An Italian grandmothers home, but home nonetheless.  Jeff Hawe claimed it as the best meal on the trip, and the whole experience and people made the night a memorable one.  Shout out to Spencer and Jade who were fascinated with our trip and brought us some free app’s and a bottle of wine.  Not long after that bottle was drained, Miles McKnought-Smith showed up and saved the day by bringing us surfboards! 


    Myles is rad – not only because he rips and brings us gear in a pinch, but because he get’s it.  He’s been following the blog for weeks and was inspired to embark on his own epic adventure.  Also because he is able us to navigate us through the Newport marina to meet up with Quentin and Macy to see them on the yacht that they are crewing. 

    With an amazing nights sleep behind us we were able to get up at 5:30 and hit the waves.  Devon taught my Channel Islands Motorboat (AKA: The Zombie) some new tricks, and I scored a few waves on Myles Hyden shape.  Standout surfer these sessions was Jeff Hawe.  The dude is 2X the surfer that I met in Oregon, and reminded me that if I want to be a better surfer and catch more waves, all I have to do is surf everyday.  Way to go Jeff!

    After surfing, we all ate twice as much breakfast as necessary at the free continental breakfast and headed back to the room to do what most civilized, average, well-respecting people do:  hardcore indoor parkour in the hotel room!  At this moment I need to issue the “do not try this at home kids” disclaimer, because there may (or may not) have been balcony jumping by visually impaired people involved.  I cannot confirm.  

    Waves were still looking good, but without surfboards we could only mind-surf them.  It was getting late, and Devon and crew had to head on to Dana Point.  A mid-afternoon text from a friend in San Clemente asked if we wanted to surf!  Throwing caution and schedule to the wind, Benji Severson came down to save us and bring us surfboards. 

    Benji spent the next 90 mins throwing serious buckets around HB.  Devon scored several nice left (backside) pig-dog style.  I cruised around on Jeff’s fish, Blake hit the stand-up paddle and Jeff showed that he can ride almost any board.  The second session of the day was super-fun.  Lots of hoots and hollers. 


    At 2:30 I had to say good-bye to the crew.  24 hours of super fun and mayhem made me feel like I was back and part of this adventure.  Much appreciated to Devon, Jeff and Blake for letting me back in on the trip.