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  • The Final Leg: Captain Blake

    The Final Leg: Captain Blake

    Guest Blogger - Blake Raney

    The world slows down when you're on a tandem bicycle. Your mind, your heart, your spirit: these things move at a different pace on this trip. I like it.

    Leg 7, The Conclusion, is underway. We set off from Carpinteria on Sunday morning. Pa and Ma Raney made Devon, Jeff, and me breakfast; we set up our gear and peddled down the road: "So long mom and dad, thanks for making us." (Devon's my brother). We made it to Vons, .06 miles into the journey when I realized I forgot the captains knife. This tool is apparently a big things could only look up for me from this point.

    Our party stopped at Rincon to check the surf. It lacked inspiration, so we kept ours up by peddling to Emma Wood. For you bloggy (if I'm the blogger, doesn't that make you the bloggy) these are pretty sought after surf spots. We were all excited to get in and catch a few waves. I lack all and any real surfing skills, but I sure do love all that it is: the culture, the style, the raw life-giving connection to the earth and her creator. In surfing, we sit atop the mighty ocean hoping to catch the tail end of her final breaths in hopes for a wave that reminds us of who we really are. 

    Following surf session #1 we visited the Ventura Surfrider chapter. Then lunch and to the grocery store. There we met some interesting folks--Alexander and Erin--from Arizona, who were making their second trip up to Canada and back on BEACH CRUISERS!! oh, ya...and they're "salmoning", which means they bike on the wrong side of the rode. But I'm not upset; there are too many other arrogant cyclists on the road to make them feel bad. I think we tried to wave at all of them. Then we finished our day by riding back up north to Faria, where we made dinner, set up camp and slept.

    Day 2: We started the day with a failed attempt to pay a discounted hiker/biker fee; but the park ranger was cool about it. Then off we went to Oxnard High School! We stopped for lunch and In 'n Out and then rolled onto campus. Counselor Scott McNut was there to welcome us and introduce Devon to 250+ kids. He captivated them with his story. Then we gave away a bunch of cool stuff (which never happened at a single one of the lame assemblies in my day).

    A quick departure and we were off to Leo Carillo!