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  • A few last thoughts...Trip Leg 5

    A few last thoughts...Trip Leg 5

    Guest Blogger - Tom Burt

    Looking back I think I got the luckiest section of the trip with surf every day and no wind, fog, rain etc.  I have to say thanks to all the others who captained Devon to this point and in the future for all their work.  I found out that traveling by bike is an exceptional way to see, but also hear, smell, and feel the places you are seeing.  So much different than traveling by car where you only see things for a second not minutes.  

    Thinking of exceptional, Devon got some extra smells while riding being downwind of my butt the whole trip. I would say his eyes were watering quite often.

    Something about Devon  “Raney #23” in general.

    Devon is one motivated individual. First to put on wetsuit, last to take it off.  Even after riding all day.

    Always ready to do whatever.  Even go down a 600 vertical cliff trail to get to surf, he really trusted me on that one.  He sweated more going down that trail than at any other time during the trip.  I cannot imagine the amount of energy Devon spent just going down.  The best part was that a local surfer called him into his first wave at that spot.  

    Devon hated me for buying rotisserie chicken but was stoked to eat it.  I am sure he has some sort of hantavirus or other rodent disease from the bagels that had gotten chewed.  I know I am feeling a bit weird.  

    Devon wanted this shot on the tractor for his grand dad.  

    And I had to put in the new $10 sunglasses that he picked out.  Looking good Lewis!!

    I would also have to say we must have incurred the most G-forces on the bike ripping around the sharp corners on the down hills.  I hardly used the brakes, only when we were doing 40 mph into a 15 mph corner.  The trailer just pushes your momentum down the hills like an engine and this being my real first time on a road style bike I was stoked we did not wad it up at speed around those corners.  Devon would just feel me lean into a turn, and he would just trust me and lean with me keeping the bike balanced throughout the turn and the trailer just pushing us along.

    I am pretty sure Michael Jackson is alive!!  We saw him in Monterey or at least this guy who made 10 dollars is the two minutes when we were there.  That guy was on pace to make $300 an hour so I am sure that was Michael.  

    And last a special shout out to all the Big Sur area locals who were open to have us surf in their back yards.  Jake Davi, Dave and his son, Dan and the others, who’s names I can’t remember or did not get.  Thanks for sharing.