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  • R&R in Santa Barbara County

    R&R in Santa Barbara County

    Guest Blogger - Jeff Hawe

    The Northern reaches of what's typically defined as SoCal is good country. From point conception to Ventura the coastline is defined by numerous points sticking out which deliver a plethora of point break waves to choose from, all right handers, a regular footer paradise! The B3 crew was thinking when they planned a week stop over for some R&R in Carpinteria, right in the middle of this coastline only a couple miles from the queen of the coast, Rincon. Only one problem, the ocean decided for some R&R also apparently. Oh well, I guess it's been good to rest the spaghetti limbs known as my arms after a few days at Jalama. And lucky for us the Carpinteria / Santa Barbara area has more to do than just surf. 

    Some pivotal years of my youth were spent living in Carpinteria and Goleta ( north side of SB) so it was a real treat to be back here. Checking my old haunts and seeing old friends. As hard as it was to not be near Devon all the time day after day after day... I decided I would spend a few nights couch surfing in Santa Barbara. It was a nice break from the saddle, although I think I still managed to pedal close to 100 miles over the week. I got to live the glamorous SB lifestyle for a short bit.

    Wine tasting (drinking), farmers market, Passion Pit at the Bowl, good eats all over, a little visit to the kind folks at Patagonia down in Ventura, and an inspiring tour of Channel Islands surfboards. All these things had me wondering why I left In the first place. Although if I had not I wouldn't be here now on this trip telling you this story. So in the end it all works out. 

    Now I'm rambling. So I will let the photos share the rest as I get ready to pedal south in hopes I don't have to play the roll of family mediator as Devon and Blake Raney share the tandem on this seventh and final leg of the B3 journey. 

    Did I forget to mention we had a session in the coveted coast known as The Ranch..? Oh, sorry, I think Devon covered that :D