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  • The Pumpkin.

    The Pumpkin.

    Guest Blogger - Madrona Raney

    We woke up early on Halloween morning and went to Hobson County Park to surf. It was horrible...windy, small and bumpy. After we went back to the house and put on my costume, then we hopped on our bikes and we biked from Carpinteria to the Channel Islands factory for an awesome Halloween party. We got to get a tour of the factory where they chape the boards, it was really special. There were so many boards it was crazy. 

    After, we went to town for trick-or-treating. We took a break for dinner at this awesome thai restaurant. Then we went back to the house so we could give out candy. My mom and I went back out trick-or-treating, we got sooo much candy! When we got back I counted my candy and I got 166 pieces, that was a lot. 

    Oh, I just forgot...I was a pumpkin for halloween, having fun in Carpinteria.