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    Guest Blogger - Devon Raney

    We surfed "The Ranch" today! In 20 years of living down here I have never ben inside "The Ranch" proper. I went in a boat once, from Gaviota, around the corner about a mile, and thought we were surfing "The Ranch", but that was a long time ago, and I learned today that we were way off anyways. "The Ranch" is not a secret, but man, they do a great job of keeping it protected.

    The waves were spectacular, clean, glassy, and some head high sets. I'm thinking of a right I caught, that peaked up on the reef and help up, head high until the shore pound. It was such a special experience, and I am especially happy Becca and Madrona were along for the ride. Much thanks to Josh Ellis who made it all happen, and who called me into great waves.

    Yesterday we spent Halloween at the Channel Islands surfboard factory. They put a killer outdoor picnic on for their employees. We hung out and had lunch, Madrona was dressed up as a pumpkin and Jeff, Becca and I were lame regular people. After we ate, and explained to people why we were too lazy to dress up, we got a tour of the surfboard factory. It's always awesome to see something made in America! And even more awesome to see workers who are stoked doing it. Travis Lee and Scott Martinson took their time and showed us all the aspects of making surfboards at Channel Islands. I was like a kid in a candy shoppe. I had a million questions and enjoyed learning about the new machines. A definite highlight for me was holding 6'6" board they were about to ship to Kelly Slater for him to surf at the Pipeline contest. I gave the board a secret "good Luck" rub, and I think he's going to win because I passed my good "Mojo" on to his board. Good luck Slater!

    The Channel Islands tour was amazing and again I was super grateful Becca and Madrona were with me. I keep reminding Madrona how many rad things she gets to do. She's out touring the factory one day and surfing "The Ranch" the next day. Thanks again to Travis Lee, Scott Martinson and Dave Downing for making us a part of such a positive group of people. I really enjoyed surfing Jalama with Scott Martinson. Some call him the "Mayor" of Jalama and people definitely treated him that way. Thanks Scott for calling me into those waves!...It was super cool seeing some of Currens old boards at the factory....

    ...I keep thinking of all these things that have happened to me over the past couple days...did I mention we rode our bikes to the Channel Islands factory. Oh, and did I tell you about the head high waves I got at "The Ranch".

    Becca and Madrona are flying home tommorrow. We will start pedaling again on Sunday. 250 more miles and nine more days, and my brother Blake Raney is the tandem Captain of the final leg. We have two more high schools to stop at, and one Ventura Surfrider Chapter. 

    ...oh, did I mention I surfed "The Ranch" today? ....Just cant't stop smiling!