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  • Memoirs of the Tandem Captain from Bodega Bay to Santa Cruz: Part 5

    Memoirs of the Tandem Captain from Bodega Bay to Santa Cruz: Part 5

    Guest Blogger - Mike Cummins

    (This is going to be my last entry on this blog.  I feel like I’m being a BLOG HOG! But it is probably going to be really long.)

    Pedaling is slow drama and there is quite a bit of road time to contemplate and wordify the little sweet and sour ideas of your mind. The flat lengths between the ups and downs were always the best places to say something and to listen. While on the bike, Devon and I spoke about a lot of things great and small going on in our respective lives. “Hills and Bills” was an expression that Temple came up with early in the trip and is probably the best punctuation for almost every topic that came up. We also sang rap songs about sad happenings in other people’s lives. I found the idea to write these memoirs somewhere out there, a way to say a little more about the BBB trip than point A to point B.

    One thing that left the greatest impression on me, and something we all discussed a bit, was how others reacted to the journey. People were so excited and embracing with seeing something different cross their path. We made a lot of postcard friends in parking lots, outside coffee shops, and all over along the road-mostly they wanted to check out the tandem/trailer setup. So many other people were making a similar journey in their cars, on motorcycles, even on their own bike, but not a journey like ours. In most occasions, we would omit that Devon was visually impaired, and just explain what we were doing: Riding down the coast on a tandem bike with surfboards-Duh! 


    (Actually, I was lying at the beginning of my blog!  I know I am being a BLOG HOG, but I’m going to keep writing stuff because I feel like writing stuff.)