About the Blog

I have never read a blog. I'm not quite sure how one should be written, how long or short it should be, or even how many daily entries are expected. Since loosing my center vision in 2008, I haven't done anything with computers. I'm sure blogs existed in 2008, but I wasn't really that into computers before vision loss either. I own the cheapest most basic flip-up phone and still dial my friends by memory. I don't have my own e-mail, Facebook page, or Instagram account; but I am never bored, and I exist in my friend's and family's lives in a tangible way. When I talk to someone it's face to face or voice to voice. Maybe that is the gift of vision loss. I'm forced to exist in the now, in a tangible moment that cannot be re-freshed, re-read, or re-watched over and over.

I do know that this blog is not about me. It's about the collaboration of friends and athletes to experience a great adventure. It's an extension of our lives. This blog will run for 90 days, and share the day to day lifestyle of cycling down the west coast, self-supported, surfing new and old spots and dealing with the unexpected. Things we already do anyway.    

-Devon Raney August 2013