The Trip


As a visually impaired athlete it is my goal to constantly use adventure as a way to create stoke, restore hope, and inspire through action.

My name is Devon Raney. In 2008 I lost 85% of my vision after a surfing accident triggered a genetic disorder called Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. Since that time I have committed myself full time to surfing, snowboarding, and the pursuit of adventure, not just as a lifestyle, but as a way of creating stoke and inspiring action in the lives of those around me.

This September in collaboration with seven other athletes I am going to ride on the back seat of a tandem bike from the northern tip of Washington state to the California/Mexico border. We will be fully self supported, sleeping on beaches and in state parks, while towing a trailer with our surfboards strapped to the top. For 75 days we’re going to surf and pedal the entire west coast of the United States of America.

In addition I will be speaking at high schools and colleges along the way showing how adventure as a tool and surfing as a passion have helped me overcome the challenges I have faced since vision loss. For me specifically, I have been forced to experience life on a tangible level and have realized that this is a gift. I live in the now, in the moment that cannot be re-freshed, re-read, or re-watched.

Without the help from our friends at Nike, SmartWool, Channel Islands, Rip Curl, One Ball Jay, and Blackburn Design we would not have been able to undertake this endeavor. Not only have they outfitted myself and the athletes with the needed gear for our expedition, they have generously donated product to help engage students at each speaking event. In doing so, these companies show support for a grass roots idea and an authentic pursuit of an adventure.